My job is not good for my writing

21 May

I’ve known for years now that I’m not the sort of person who can work a 9 to 5 job without losing my mind.

My job is second shift. That is one point in its favor. I can stay up late and sleep in, and still get to work on time. That leaves me awake and available to write during my prime writing hours.

On the other hand, my job is not very stable. Granted, I get a fairly steady number of hours, but I have no set schedule. One week I might have every other day off, and other times I might work nine or ten days in a row divided over two pay weeks so no overtime for me. On top of never knowing what days I might have off on any given week I also have no way of knowing what hours I might work. Some days I start in the late morning or lunchtime. Some days I start closer to dinner. I’ve been scheduled for shifts as short as four hours and as long as eleven.

It is almost impossible to have a steady routine for writing with a job like this. For me it is far from the ideal, although I’m sure it would work great for someone else.

I need a job with set days off, and set hours. Mostly I need a job that keeps my bills paid and food in the fridge. It’s a bonus if I love the job, but not really a necessity. I want to have a job that is just a job so I can come home and write.

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