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Long Term Writing Goals

Wow! It certainly has been a while. I keep disappearing from my own blog. I wish I had a good excuse, but I have nothing but an apology for not being more consistent in updating here.

My life has changed a bit since I last posted an entry. I quit the awful soul-sucking job that I kept for three years for some reason that is completely beyond me now. I was unemployed for most of the month of October, but got a new job just in time for NaNoWriMo to start. Now I make less money, but I’m much less stressed out by my job.

The new job is kinda-sorta related to writing by way of books. I’m doing data entry at a used book warehouse that has a contract with Amazon. I work the morning shift, which is completely the opposite of what I thought I would like since when left to my own devices I’m very much a night owl, but it’s not bothering me much at all. I get to look at all sorts of interesting books every day, and we can bring home two “trash” books per day. I’ve been doing my best to restrain myself because I know I could easily get out of control and fill the entire apartment with books, but I have brought home a few that caught my eye.

I find writing, and just being active in my hobbies in general much easier now. My mind is in a better place, and while I do still have days that just leave me exhausted it is no longer the norm and I can get things done after work.

This has caused me to think about setting some long term writing goals. I don’t want to pile too much on myself at once, but I think it is time to think about something more extensive than finish NaNoWriMo.

Since it is almost the end of the year I’m going to make my goals all for 2015.

I’ll just try to keep the list from getting too long winded.
-finish two novel drafts
-edit and revise a novel to final draft-form
-go through my incomplete projects lists and see which are worth keeping
-win at least one CampNaNoWriMo session
-learn about self-publishing and get a NaNoWriMo winner free proof copy of my novel

Are long term writing goals something you think about? Do you focus on one year at a time? Several years? Month-by-month? What sort of goals seem to work best for you?

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