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Not a Productive Day


There are centipedes in the house.

I saw three of them last night. It took me forever to go to sleep.

Today I’m plagued with sensations of something crawling on me. It’s distracting and makes me feel like I want to jump out of my own skin.

I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything. I’ve been sitting around the house trying not to think about the many legged little creatures that are most likely hiding just out of view.

My efforts at distracting myself have not been terribly successful. Anything that gives me time to think runs the risk of leaving me open to remember my exoskeleton-ed nightmare. So far I’ve had the best luck in forgetting while reading Silmarillion fanfiction, but I fear that I will run out of stories that catch my interest before the day is over.

I have a feeling that before the night is over I will end up sitting in the desk chair with my feet pulled up and away from the floor. Usually small arthropods do not bother me this much, but knowing that there are at least several in my home, most likely in the same room as me, and I can’t find them to get rid of them just make me feel a little crazy.

Any suggestions for decent distractions would be most welcome.

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