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Thinking About Dreams

As I hid in bed this morning pretending I was still asleep so I wouldn’t feel as though I should get up I started to think about dreams. I can’t remember any of my dreams from last night.

I do have some dreams I do remember. Some of them only stick with me for a few hours to a couple days at most, but others have been with me, living in the back of my mind for years.

In college I had a recurring dream where I was informed at the end of the semester that I was enrolled in a class I never attended. I was forced to take the final exam for the class in a last ditch effort not to fail and ruin my GPA. I never knew any of the answers on the final. To this day I never figured out what class it was supposed to be. I always hated that dream.

At the very beginning of my college career I kept having a dream that I was inside my dorm and there were no doors to the outside. On top of that my room was on the 20th floor. I would walk and walk, but I would never get anywhere. That dream always left me confused when I woke up. Then again, I was pretty consistently confused throughout my first month of college.

In high school I had what seemed like a very, very long dreams about being forced to drive people everywhere. I was only about fourteen and too young to even be thinking about getting my permit, but in the dream I was expected to drive just about everyone I knew all over the place for the stupidest reasons. This dream is at least partly to blame for why I still don’t want to drive.

My earliest memory of a dream was a nightmare. I even know the cause. I was three and my dad had let me watch Unsolved Mysteries with him. That night I had a dream that Big Foot came after my whole family. We hid in my play house, but my dog escaped out the window and attacked Big Foot. I won’t go into all the gory detail because it still creeps me out to this day, but the dream ended with all of us dead. I really, really don’t like Big Foot.

It probably says a lot about me that all of the dreams I most easily remember are negative and full of anxiety. The positive dreams never seem to stick with me.

What sort of dreams do you remember? Do you think they have had a significant impact on the way you think about things? Have you ever incorporated your dreams into your writing?

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